About Us

Öner Group

With its production since 1959, Öner Group, one of the first companies to start exporting agricultural products in Turkey, its production has increased to 4000 decares over time and has become one of the most popular companies in both production and exportation in Turkey. Öner Group, which is located at every point of production, agriculture and exportation, has established its performance fertilizer by investing in agriculture with this knowledge.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the performance fertilizers offered to both Turkey and export markets is shipped by analyzing all the products that come out of the production band. Öner group, which started with the principle of DO NOT SELL WHICH IS NOT USED IN YOUR OWN PRODUCTION, is proud to present performance fertilizers to all manufacturers with its experience of half a century.

Our Approach To Organomineral Fertilizers

The alkaline character of soils makes it difficult for plants to take nutrients from the soil and cause large yield losses. The Optimum plant demand 5.5 pH value is only possible with sufficient amount of organic matter in the soil. Performance fertilizer is prepared to eliminate this problem completely.

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