Why Performans Fertilizer

  • Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium enriched with the soil applied with content meets the nutritional needs of plants.

  • Which is one of the most important trace elements Zinc deficiency resolves.

  • It provides good ventilation of the roots and increases the water retention capacity of the soil.

  • Provides the organic matter needed by the plant to be given in one application.

  • It's hygienic. It doesn’t bring harmful fungi and bacteria, weed seeds.

  • It is suitable with the fertilizer arrangement of farmers with granular structure.

  • Eases the farmer's burden by bringing ease of application; no separate spraying is required.

  • Increases product efficiency and quality.

  • It reduces the pH of the soil by means of the sulfur contained in it.

  • Removes organic matter and especially humic acid deficiency.

  • It helps plant strong trunk development and early growth.

  • It prevents the washing of nutrients and connecting them to the soil.

  • It accelerates germination.

  • It ensures that the plant nutrients that are bound in the soil are dissolved and taken into the plant.

  • The most important nutrients needed by the plant and the organic matter needed by the soil is given together provides easy application.

  • It gives resistance to disease and damage. Provides healthy root development.

  • Reduces the negative effects caused by salt in the soil.

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